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We are a specialist data consultancy providing clients with marketing-led data solutions that enhance marketing decision-making.

• Holistic approach to data
  • We capture, marshal, manage and apply data to deliver real value in helping make more informed decisions
• Team of Software Development Specialists
  • We design and build customer centric relational databases to give a single customer view
  • We design software database marketing tools to give clients access to and ownership of their data
  • We design specialist software marketing applications such as:
    1. Online ticketing
    2. Website facility for exhibitors to personalise registration for their invited customers
    3. Online registration
  • We design and manage online surveys.
• Improve business performance through intelligent use of data
  • The key to success is how you apply data. How to leverage data to optimise knowledge and understanding to make smarter, more measurable decisions.
    That is why our mission is to help clients “turn data into profit”
Passionate About Performance

Data Know How is an independent database marketing agency passionate about data-driven marketing. We believe that marketing campaigns perform the best when they’re based on hard numbers. Don’t worry, we realise the importance of gut instinct too, but from our experience we know that the greatest chance of success comes from combining facts with feelings.

Show Your Data Some Love

You might not know it, but your most valuable asset is your data. So show it some love and let Data Know How help you to bring out the best in it. We can capture it, store it, process it, manage it and analyse it – all so that you can improve your data driven marketing performance.

Super Software Solutions (not silly ones)

Because achieving your business objectives is at the heart of what we do, our friendly developers provide software solutions which are tailored to your needs – we don’t try to fob you off with a one-size-fits-all approach, or get silly and over-spec. Database design, campaign management, customer segmentation, digital communications, data intelligence? We’re all over it.

Destination: Success!

Throughout every project, our main aim is always to provide you with what you need to achieve your business objectives. We’re not ‘yes’ people, but we’re certainly ‘let’s give it a go’ people, so you’re guaranteed that we’ll go the extra mile to help you get to wherever you want to be, and make sure that you “turn data into profit”.